CEDC2013 Conference Program Guide is available for download: CEDC2013 Conference Program     (2013-11-27)
The abstract template as well as the poster template for CEDC2013 is available for download now.

The call for paper of CEDC2013 in pdf file is available for download.

To encourage engineering students create design solutions to real-world problems, Creative Engineering Design Competition (CEDC) will be held as a special session of International Conference on Innovative Application Research and Education (ICIARE'2013). Students with brilliant engineering design ideas are encouraged to submit their proposals and to demonstrate their talents in front of world-renowned experts in design and manufacturing. Submitted reports are judged on the basis of creativity, practicality, integrity of analysis and design methodology, and quality of a fabricated prototype and a final report. All participants of CEDC will be recognized by the conference chair and winners will be presented with awards including certificates and cash prizes. CEDC will also host a round table of international social exchange that can be a seed for possible future international collaborations between attendants.

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