The 8th Summer Program for Innovative Engineering Design (SP!ED2020)
will be held online at August/22(Sat) ~ 26(Wen)/2020.

Program Overview :

     The 8th Summer Program for !nnovative Engineering Design (SP!ED2020) will be held online in a situation where overseas travel is not possible under the influence of COVID19.
     Since this is the first non-face-to-face teamwork and the concentration will be low due to the nature of the online, the scope of the topics is limited, the role of the advisor(professor) is strengthened, and the duration of teamwork is shortened.
     Moodle LMS with Zoom Video Conference System will be used as online tools. The teamwork is expected to continue until the next CEDC to present the final products.
     Registration fee is free.

Slogan :
     Smart online life in COVID-19 society

Schedule :

July 31(Fri) : SP!ED2020 Online Entry Deadline
Aug. 07(Fri) : Selection of Topics Category and Team making
Aug. 22(Sat) : Opening ceremony, Orientation, VR Arduino lecture
Aug. 23(Sun) : Free activity, Online friendship
Aug. 24(Mon) : Teamworking, Advisor’s leading and explanation, Brainstorming, Distribution of roles, Ideation, Conceptual design
Aug. 25(Tue) : Intermediate presentation at grand meeting, teamwork for details design
Aug. 26(Wed) : Teamwork for details design, Final presentation at grand meeting

Topics Category :

  1. Application to monitoring or detection system with smart action using AI technology
  2. Application to exercises support system by measuring the posture/motion pattern with imaging technology
  3. Application to pet robot or service robot with remote control technology
  4. Application to training support system with VR/AR technology
  5. Application to online service system with IoT technology
  6. Others


The 10th Creative Engineering Design Competition (CEDC2020)
The 8th International Conference on
Innovative Application Research and Education (ICIARE2020)

will be held in China or online, December, 2020

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