ICIARE2018 : Jiangsu University, Dec. 14-17

Welcome to ICIARE 2018

On behalf of the ICIARE2018 Committee,we are delighted to invite you to ICIARE2018,which will be held in Zhenjiang,China during December 14th-17th,2018.The aim objective of ICIARE is to provide a platform for researchers,engineers,academics as well as college students from all over the world to present their results and activities in application researches and innovative educations.This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face,to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Related fields and topics

Any topic related to innovative application research and education fields is welcome.Since the academics and experts are from different fields with different background knowledge,we expect that the participants will present their research or education results in such a way:explaining the research background and idea in detail;easy-understanding explanation on the theory and results;pointing out the unresolved issues to provide the possibilities for other researches working together.



  1. All papers should be prepared with 2-4 pages in English and submit to Prof.Zhu Yi(zhuyi@ujs.edu.cn).The paper format can be download form this websitehttp://ire-asia.org
  2. Accepted papers should be presented with oral
  3. Some of presented papers will be selected as outstanding paper awards and some papers after revision will be published in the International Journal of Engineering Innovation and Management(IJEIM)as the selected ICIARE2018 Proceeding papers;

Journal Paper:
  1. If you like to contribute your conference paper to International Journal of Engineering Innovation and Management(ISSN 2185-5544)as a full reviewed papers,you are welcome to submit the full paper with length more than 6 pages on site during the conference for further review.


For Japanese and Korean participants

Registration fee(including 3-night hotel):2800CHY/Professor&Staff,1000CHY/Student

For Chinese participants

Registration fee(excluding hotel fee):1500CHY/Professor&Staff,600CHY/Student

Chinese professors and students must pay accommodation fee to hotel by themselves.

P.S.#Who have registered for ICIARE2018 will be free for attending CEDC2018.

Prof.Yi Zhu,Jiangsu Univ.,China

  1. All Japanese and Korean professors will be arranged to Zhenjiang Mingdu Hotel(镇江明都大酒店);
  2. All Japanese and Korean students will be arranged to Jiangsu University Hanting Hotel(汉庭酒店/江苏大学店);
  3. double room for student and single room for professor.


Zhenjiang is situated in the southeast of China,at the junction of the Yangtze River andthe Grand Canal,63 kilometers(40 miles)from Nanjing,the capital city of Jiangsu Province.It has a history of 3000 years.Earlier Chinese travelers classified Zhenjiang’s scenery as‘The Best Landscape under Heaven’,and indeed the area known as the Southern Suburbs was often used as a theme in landscapes by famous Chinese painters.A local specialty is a steamed meat pastry called Crab Cream Bun.Other famous special products include fragrant black vinegar(鎮江香醋),Chinkiang pork(镇江肴肉),and pickles.

Extended Abstract submission(two pages)
On-site registration
Competition date
Committee information
Advisory CommitteeYuqing Song,Jiangsu Univ.,China
Taejin Chung,Kunsan National Univ.,Korea
Hiesik Kim,Univ.of Seoul,Korea
Qingkai Han,Dalian Univ.of Tech.,China
Zhongwei Jiang,Yamaguchi Univ.,Japan
Steering committeeHuixia Liu,Jiangsu Univ.,China
Minoru Morita,Yamaguchi Univ.,Japan
Jae-Jeong Hwang,Kusan National Univ.,Korea
Execution committeeTianhong Pan,Jiangsu Univ.,China
Youngchul Kim,Kusan National Univ.,Korea
Beomkeun Kim,Inje Univ,Korea
Tae-Gu Kim,Inje Univ.Korea
Takashi Kuremoto,Yamaguchi University,Japan
MiHye Kim,Chungbuk National Univ.,Korea
Minoru Morita,Yamaguchi Univ.,Japan
Mamiko koshiba,Yamaguchi Univ.,Japan
Yong-Young Kim,Konkuk Univ.Korea
JiYeoun Lee,Jungwon Univ.Korea
KilTo Chong,Chonbuk National Univ.,Korea
Haibin Wang,Xihua University,China
Yi Zhu,Jiangsu Univ.,China
Lian Zhou,Jiangsu Univ.,China
Hansong Chen,Jiangsu Univ.,China
Zhiquan Sun,Jiangsu Univ.,China
Supported organization
Co-Organized byYamaguchiUniversity,Japan
Yamaguchi University,Japan
Dalian University of Technology,China
Kunsan National University,Korea
Chonbuk National University,Korea
Chungbuk National University,Korea
University of Seoul,Korea
Inje University,Korea

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