SPIED2013 Yamaguchi University August 18-30, 2013


The “Summer Program for Innovative Engineering Design” (SPIED) (should be pronounced as “speed”) provides a wonderful two-weeks experience for senior college students from China, Korea and Japan to collaborate with each other. Students having mechanical or electrical or software engineering backgrounds gather in one place and cross their knowledge and experiences with other participants through international team activities to learn how to create new ideas and products. SPIED starts with tutorial lectures by the professors in different fields to give you food of thoughts and seed for creation. Topics of lecture will be
    Mechanical Systems Design
    Electronic Systems Design
    Android Programming Application
    Realtime Programming and Control of LEGO(TM) NXT
    Brainstorming theory and practice.
The participant from different countries will be assigned to a team to begin collaborative work with others. Details of the program will be disclosed on site.
Young students should study well and play well! Yamaguchi has many historical sites as well as beautiful sceneries worth visiting. Several fun events will also be planned to make good friendship with others coming from different countries. If you would like to have a glimpse of Japanese manufacturing, you will have a chance to attend optional factory tour. Organizing committee of SPIED 2013 will be expecting fully motivated students to take part in the program to share precious time.
We hope to see you in Yamaguchi this summer !

Trip to Ube-city

SPIED2013 will take place in TOKIWA campus of Yamaguchi University where Faculty of Engineering is located. It is in Ube-city. Ube-city lies in the western part of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Below here are the list of available choices of your trip to Ube-city.

1) Free bus service (No reservation required)
We have arranged a FREE-of-charge bus on 18th August from Fukuoka Airport to your accommodations in Ube-city. A lady attendant will be waiting for you at arrival lobby of the airport from 14:30 on that day. She will guide the participants to the assigned hotels in Ube. The bus will be arriving at the airport at 15:00 and leave for Ube around 16:00. It will take about 2 hours from the airport to get to Ube-city center.

2) Airport taxi (Reservation required)
If you cannot catch up the free bus due to your flight schedule, we can arrange an airport taxi instead. You have to pay 6,500 JPY per person directly to the driver when you use the taxi. If you would like to use the taxi, please contact Prof. Jiang (E-mail: jiang_at_yamaguchi-u.ac.jp (replace “at” by “@”)) and notify your flight information because we have to make a reservation several days prior to your arrival.

3) Using public transportations
If you choose to use public transportation services in order to move from Fukuoka Airport to Ube, you will be forced to change trains and/or buses several times before arriving at JR Ube-Shinkawa Station (Closest to city center).
If you need our assistance on your trip from Fukuoka Airport to Ube, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be grateful if you provide your flight information with your inquiry.

For Your Reference
You will be led to a portal web site for visitors “Visit Yamaguchi” by clicking the banner below. (Caution : New window/tab will be raised.)

SPIED 2013 time table (click to download)
Accommodations assigned for participants
Chinese students
Park KOTOSHIBA (TEL: +81-836-35-7111)
Korean Students
Hotel UBE (TEL: +81-836-33-5544)

Fees for participation
Every participant should pay for travel cost (flight to and from Japan), hotel charges, meals and optional tour costs (if you wish to attend it) during his/her stay in Yamaguchi. Total charges as well as possible payment method will be disclosed in due course.

How you apply for participation
In case you can find the name of a professor of your university in the list of organizing committee members, you should ask him about the details and availability. If your university seems to be not included in the program, please ask your supervisor and/or an international affairs officer of your university to make an inquiry to Prof. Zhongwei Jiang of Yamaguchi University about the possibility for your attendance.

Necessary Belongings
Windows based Notebook PC
You have to bring your notebook PC with you in order to take classes which will be held during SPIED2013. You are strongly encouraged to install necessary softwares before coming to Japan.
Power plug converter
You have to make sure that your electrical equipment (AC power adapter if it has one) will support AC 100[V] / 60Hz as its source. If it does, all you have to prepare is power plug converter. Japanese AC power supply uses type A sockets. Prepare your own before departure. Please be advised that there will be no guarantee for the use of step-up converter because the we have very limited number of converters for use.

Software Installation Guides
Below here are the collection of software installation guides for SPIED 2013 participants.
[Day 2] JDK,Eclipse,Android SDK Install Manual
[Day 4] Setup procedure of nxtOSEK software development environment for realtime programming of LEGO mindstorms NXT
Handout for lego programming 1 day course

Prof. Zhongwei Jiang, Yamaguchi University
E-mail: jiang@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp
Organizing committee

(Japan) Zhongwei Jiang, Kanya Tanaka, Masanao Obayashi, Fumitake Fujii, Minoru Morita, Shota Nakashima, Takashi Kuremoto (Yamaguchi University)

(China) Yuqing Song, Huixia Liu, Yi Zhu and Tian-Hong Pan (Jiangsu University), Yunlong Wei, Yingying Wei (Chongqing University of Technology)

(Korea) Hiesik Kim (University of Seoul), Teajin Chung, JungHwan Lee (Kunsun National University), Kyuwon Jeong (Chung Buk National University)

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