SPIED2014 JiangSu University Aug.17- Aug.30, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China


The “Summer Program for Innovative Engineering Design” (SPIED) (should be pronounced as “speed”) provides a wonderful two-weeks experience for senior college students from China, Korea and Japan to collaborate with each other. Students having mechanical or electrical or software engineering backgrounds gather in one place and cross their knowledge and experiences with other participants through international team activities to learn how to create new ideas and products. SPIED starts with tutorial lectures by the professors in different fields to give you food of thoughts and seed for creation. Topics of lecture will be:
  1. Mechanical Systems Design
  2.Electronic Systems Design
  3.Android Programming Application
  4.Circuit Design and Programming of Arduino
  5.Programming and Control of Fischer Robot
  6.Brainstorming theory and practice.
The participant from different countries will be assigned to a team to begin collaborative work with others. Details of the program are disclosed on this notice. We arrange two classes in this summer, beginner class for the first participants and advanced class for students who attend last SPIED. In these classes, students can obtain effective innovative engineering training within two weeks. Beyond classroom learning, we also plan several fun events to make good friendship with others coming from different countries. In addition, Zhenjiang has many historical sites as well as beautiful sceneries worth visiting. Young students should study well and play well! Organizing committee of SPIED 2014 will be expecting fully motivated students to take part in the program to share precious time. We hope to see you in Zhenjiang this summer!


Beginner Class of SPIED 2014
  Schedule for Beginner Class Details
Advanced Class of SPIED 2014(fix lately)
  Advanced Class of SPIED 2014 Details


  For Japanese and Korean teachers and students, two buses will be arranged to picking up all of you on Aug.17 and Aug.30. The bus will depart from PuDong airport at 15:00, Aug.17. So if some foreign teachers and students arrive Shanghai in advance, please go to PuDong airport before 15:00, and then wait for the bus.     If some foreign teachers and students want to come to Jiangsu University by yourselves, the following information is a reference route: (1) Shanghai Pudong Airport, No.1 Shuttle bus, 30 Yuan /person, 1.5 hours; (2) Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Bullet Train, around 110 Yuan/Person, 1.5 hours; (3) Zhenjiang Railway Station, Taxi, about 35 Yuan, half an hour.     Chinese teachers and students should come to Zhenjiang by yourselves, please notify us the train schedule you take, we will arrange our staff to meet you at Zhenjiang Railway Station.


The Japanese and Korean teachers and students will be arranged to live in the international apartments of Jiangsu University, double room for student, and single room for teacher. Due to the rooms are scarce in Jiangsu University during summer, Chinese students will be arranged to some express hotels outside campus, then students should pay accommodation fee directly to hotel. We have two recommended hotels: A.  Hanting hi Inn (Jiangsu University)/ 汉庭海友客栈(江苏大学店) This inn is across from the front door of Jiangsu University, the price of double room is about 120-160 RMB per night. B. Super 8 Hotel (XueFu Road)/ 速8酒店(学府路店) This hotel is located at No.80 XueFu Road, Zhenjiang, and it is 3.7 kilometers from Jiangsu University, the price of double room is also about 120-160 RMB per night. Note: Specific price will depend on market conditions.


The expenses for each Japanese or Korean student is 2350 RMB, including accommodations, registration Fee, tour fee of Zhenjiang and Suzhou, transportation, Internet fee, and etc.     The expenses for each Chinese student is 1600 RMB(exclusive of accommodations and suzhou tour), or 1800 RMB(exclusive of accommodations )     The expenses for each Chinese teacher is 1550 RMB(exclusive of accommodations and suzhou tour), or 1750 RMB(exclusive of accommodations )


Prof. Zhongwei Jiang, Yamaguchi University
E-mail: jiang@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp
Prof. Huixia Liu, Jiangsu University
E-mail: liuhuixia_123@126.com
Associate Prof. Yi Zhu, Jiangsu University
E-mail: zhuyi@ujs.edu.cn

Organizing committee

(Japan) Zhongwei Jiang, Kanya Tanaka, Masanao Obayashi, Fumitake Fujii, Minoru Morita, Shota Nakashima, Takashi Kuremoto (Yamaguchi University)
(China) Yuqing Song, Huixia Liu, Yi Zhu and Tian-Hong Pan (Jiangsu University); Yunlong Wei, Yingying Wei (Chongqing University of Technology); Qingkai Han, Jingyu Zhai (Dalian University of Technology); JiaBei Jiang (Nanjing University of the Arts); Haibin Wang (Xihua University)
(Korea) Hiesik Kim (University of Seoul), Teajin Chung, JungHwan Lee (Kunsun National University), Kyuwon Jeong (Chung Buk National University)

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