SPIED2015 Kunsan National University Aug.16-29, Korea


The “Summer Program for Innovative Engineering Design (SPIED) ” (should be pronounced as “speed”) provides a wonderful two-weeks experience for senior college students and master course students from China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. This program is mainly intended for the students having engineering knowledge in Mechanical, Electronic, Information Technology fields. In order to aim the practical innovation education the students from other fields such as, Industrial design, Economics, Human Science, Nursing and etc. will be very welcomed to attend. The students from different countries and different fields gather in one place and cross their knowledge and experiences with other participants through international team activities to learn how to create new ideas and products.
SPIED program starts with tutorial lectures by the professors from different universities in different fields to give you food of thoughts and seed for creation. The participant from different countries will be assigned to a team to begin collaborative work with others. We arrange two classes in this summer, the beginner class mainly for senior college students or the first time participants and the advanced class for master course students or ones who have attended last SPIED. In these classes, students can obtain effective innovative engineering training within two weeks. Beyond classroom learning, we also plan several fun events to make good friendship with others coming from different countries.
Based on the current information, total 73 students, 43 students from Korea, 15 students from China and 15 students from Japan, will participate SPIED2015 in Gunsan, Korea.

Lectures for Beginner Class

 Development Tools (RoboRobo Kits), Prof. Kim Youngchul, Kunsan Univ, KR
 Microcomputer software development basic, Profs. Pan Tianhong and Zhu Yi, Jiangsu Univ, CN
 3D printing Design, Prof. Kim Mi-Hye, Chungbuk Univ, KR
 Brain Storming Technique and Innovative Thinking, Prof. Jiang Zhongwei, Yamaguchi Univ, JP
 Topic 1: Introduction to Electronic Design or the design in other fields, Prof. Chong Gildo, Chonbuk Univ. KR
 Topic 2: Introduction to Mechanic Design, Dr. Henry Panganiban, Masteco, KR
 Topic 3: Introduction to innovation applications, System design, Prof. Park Daewook, Kunsan Univ, KR
 Topic 4: Introduction to Android OS and Smartphone, Prof. Yang Hyunho, Kunsan Univ, KR

Lectures for Advanced Class

 Development Tools (RoboRobo Kits), Prof. Kim Youngchul, Kunsan Univ, KR
 Microcomputer software development advance, Profs. Pan Tianhong and Zhu Yi, Jiangsu Univ, CN
 3D printing Design, Prof. Kim Mi-Hye, Chungbuk Univ, KR
 Topic 1: Introduction to Industrial design, Ms. Jiang Jabei, Nanjing Univ of the Arts, CN
 Topic 2: Android Programing Technique, Prof. Kim Hiesik, Univ of Seoul, KR
 Topic 3: Patent and Intellectual Property, Prof. Lim Jinwoo, DGIST, KR
 Topic 4: Power Electronics System Design Basic (with PSIM), Prof. Tanaka Toshihiko, Yamaguchi Univ. JP

In addition, Gunsan area has many historical sites as well as beautiful sceneries worth visiting. Young students should study well and play well! Organizing committee of SPIED 2015 will be expecting fully motivated students to take part in the program to share precious time.

If you need the more information about SPIED2105 or any document to proceed visa or the preparation for participation, please contact to:
  Prof. Seogki Song: songsk@kunsan.ac.kr   Prof. Youngchul Kim: kimyc@kunsan.ac.kr


The equipments of dormitory are as below:
 Each room has 2 beds, 2 desks and bookshelves, and bathroom.
 Pillow and blanket can be rented for free.
 Laundry, Conference room and Reading room can be used.
 Toilet and bath articles are not supplied. You have to prepared by yourselves.


Transportation from Inchon airport or Pusan Ferry Terminal to Gunsan, Kunsan University has two rental buses, one for Inchon international airport and one for Pusan Ferry terminal at 16 Aug.

Schedule for Beginner Class Details
Schedule for Advanced Class Details

Aug.16(SUN)Arrive and Check-in
Aug.17(MON)Opening ceremony, Guidance, Preparation, Introduction of Moodle
Aug.18(TUE)Topics in Electronic Device Design & Mechanical System Design
Aug.19(WEN)Brainstorming & Innovative Thinking
Aug.20(THU)Topics in Innovation Applications, System Design & Android OS and Smartphone
Aug.21(FRI)Ideal/Proposals discussion and presentation
Aug.22(SAT)City Tour
Aug.23(SUN)Free day
Aug.24-26Teamwork(design, creation, testing, modification, summarization)
Aug.27(THU)Presentation and evaluation, closing ceremony
Aug.28(FRI)Sightseeing and Industrial tour

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