SPIED2016 Yamaguchi Seminar Park Aug.18-30, Japan


SP!ED is a multinational-team based active-learning program designed for undergraduate and graduate students from Japan, China and Korea to stay and work together on planning, designing, production, andpresentation of a prototype mechatronics and robotic system which is proposed by each team. Combining engineering design technique with the ability to identify problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective, this program provide you a sense of achievement, in a team environment, to undergo the process of drawing your dream as a concept, designing and creating it as a prototype. Let’s deepen mutual understanding and build an invaluable friendship over the border through collaborative work and a summer camp!

Eligible Attendees

Seniors and first year graduate students are eligible to attend SP!ED. Any majors are accepted: i.e. engineering students hoping to use their manufacturing technology; arts, science, or medical students interested in contributing to the society; students who are good at design, management, etc.


Although tuition is free, you must bear actual costs of study materials, meals, and accommodations.

Schedule: August 18-30,2016 at Yamaguchi Seminar Park
Aug. 18
Pick up at Fukuoka Airport around 15:00; Registration & Seminar Park Guidance
Aug. 19
SPIED Preparation & Opening Ceremony & Welcome Party
Aug. 20-22
Skill Training & Brainstorming
Aug. 23
Concept Presentation
Aug. 24-25
Aug. 26-28
Prototyping, Modification and Testing
Aug. 29
Final Presentation and Review
Aug. 30
Closing Ceremony; departure for Fukuoka Airport around 13:00
Center for Design and Products Innovation Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University
+81-836-35-9814, or 9817

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