SPIED2021 : Smart life with COVID-19


    “Summer Program for !nnovative Engineering Design (SP!ED) ” provides a wonderful days experience for senior college students and master course students from China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. This program is mainly intended for the students having engineering knowledge in Mechanical, Electronic, Information Technology fields. In order to aim the practical innovation education the students from other fields such as, Industrial design, Economics, Human Science, Nursing, human science and etc. are sincerely welcomed to attend. The students from different countries and different fields gather in one place and cross their knowledge and experiences with other participants through international team activities to learn how to create new ideas and products. SP!ED program starts with tutorial lectures by the professors from different universities in different fields to give you food of thoughts and seed for creation. The participant from different countries will be assigned to a team to begin collaborative work with others.

    The 9th Summer Program for !nnovative Engineering Design (SP!ED2021 ) will be held offline in China, Jiangsu University, and online in Japan and Korea due to the situation of the influence of COVID19. Since we had the successful experience of the online SP!ED2020 with the non-face-to-face teamwork by Moodle LMS with Zoom Video Conference System, This year, the participants from China will gather together in Jiangsu University, and the participants from Japan and Korea will gather together in each university based on each country’s or university’s situation. The SP!ED2021 is going to be implemented in a hybrid way, online brainstorming and design, offline prototyping.


Aug. 20(Fri) : Opening ceremony, orientation, lectures
Aug. 21(Sat) : Brainstorming, ideation, conceptual design(by class)
Aug. 22(Sun) : Morning: Concept(First) presentation; Afternoon: Students free activity for friendship
Aug. 23(Mon): Details design, plan verification(by class)
Aug. 24(Tue) : Morning: Design proposal(Second) presentation; Afternoon: Details design, prototyping(by class)
Aug. 25(Wed): Prototyping, brush-up(by class)
Aug. 26(Thr) : Final presentation and graduation ceremony

Deadline for students’ registration: July 30(Fri) >> Aug.7, 2021

Registration fee

Offline participants
     Registration fee (include accommodations and meals)
    Student: 1,500 CNY, Professor: 1,600 CNY

Online participants
    Registration fee : 10,000 JPY
    ※Scholarships (or subsidies) may be provided depending on the circumstances of each university.
    ※The student member of iRE-asia consortium is 1,000JPY.
    (student membership fee of iRE-asia consortium is 2,000JPY per year. New member is free for SPIED2021)


China : Prof. Yi Zhu, zhuyi@ujs.edu.cn
Japan : Prof. Minoru Morita, mmorita@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp
Korea : Prof. Jaejeong Hwang, hwang@kunsan.ac.kr

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