CEDC2017 : Yamaguchi University, Japan, Dec, 14 - 17

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Welcome to CEDC 2017

Creative Engineering Design Competition (CEDC 2017) will be held in Yamaguchi, Japan to encourage engineering students create design solutions to real-world problems. Students with brilliant engineering design ideas are encouraged to submit their proposals and demonstrate their talents in front of world-renowned experts in design and manufacturing. Submitted reports are judged on the basis of creativity, practicality, integrity of analysis and design methodology, quality of a fabricated prototype and presentation in oral and by poster. All winners of CEDC 2017 will be presented with awards including certificates. CEDC 2017 will also host a round table of international social exchange that can be a seed for possible future international collaborations between attendants.

Eligibility and Scope

Any graduate or undergraduate registered as a full-time student is eligible to participate. Both individual and group projects are welcome. An individual may participate in several entries provided each submission is on a different subject.


The judge committee includes experts in iRE-Asia Consortium from both academia and industry. The project posters will be evaluated based on the contents, demonstration and five minutes oral presentation at the CEDC 2017 session. Prototype demonstration of the proposed design idea is requested as on-site demonstrations.


Award certificates and other prizes will be presented at the conference closure ceremony. The prizes will be distributed among the members in each winner team. All participants of CEDC 2017 will receive recognition from the conference and organizing committee.

Submission and Presentation

  1. First send the following information to office@ire-asia.org for "Title submission"
    1) the title of your work and the names of team members
    2) the participant names and their email addresses, i.e. who are going to attend the CEDC2017 among your team, some of them or all of them.
  2. Please download the poster and paper formats for this website and submit to Prof. Morita ( office@ire-asia.org ; mmorita@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp ).
  3. One-page poster will be printed by CEDC office and two-page paper will be published together with the proceedings of ICIARE2017. Please follow the formats exactly.
  4. All the works should be given a short oral presentation and demonstration to reviewers.


Registration fee(include 3-night hotel): 40,000JPY/Professor&Staff,25,000 JPY/Student P.S.# Who have registered for CEDC2017 will be free for attending ICIARE2017

Only cash(JPY) is acceptable for on-site registration payment.


Title Submission
Nov. 10 , -> 17, 2017
Poster and Paper Submission
Dec. 1, 2017
Conference Date
Dec. 14-17, 2017
Dec. 14
Registration in Yamaguchi University
Dec. 15
AM: Preparing, PM: CEDC&ICIARE Opening Ceremony, Welcome Party
Dec. 16
AM: Presentation, PM: Demonstration & Evaluation, Closing Ceremony & Farewell Party
Dec. 17
Committee information
Committee School
Advisory Committee Masaai Oka, Yamaguchi Univ, Japan
In-June Cha, Inje Univ, Korea
Eui-GyunNa, Kunsan Natl. Univ, Korea
Yuqing Song, Jiangsu Univ, China
Taejin Chung, Kunsan Natl Univ, Korea
Steering committee
JP: Zhongwei Jiang, Yamaguchi Univ
KR: Hiesik Kim, Univ. of Seoul
CH: Yi Zhu, Jiangsu Univ
Execution committee Tae-Gu Kim, Inje Univ, Korea
Mi-Hye Kim, Chungbuk Natl Univ, Korea
Jae-Jeong Hwang, Kunsan Natl Univ, Korea
Beomkeun Kim, Inje Univ, Korea
KilTo Chong, Chonbuk Natl Univ, Korea
JiYeoun Lee, Jungwon Univ.Korea
Huixia Liu, Jiangsu Univ, China
Jingyu Zhai, Dalian Univ. of Tech, China
Jian Liu, Liaoning Univ. of Sci.&Tech, China
Junzhou Huo, Dalian Univ. of Tech, China
Peixin Gao, Dalian Univ. of Tech, China
Haibin Wang, Xihua Univ, China
Fumitake Fujii, Yamaguchi Univ, Japan
Tetsuya Morisaki, Tokuyama College, Japan
Takashi Uemura, Yamaguchi Univ, Japan
Shota Nakashima, Yamaguchi Univ, Japan
Local Committee Program Chair: Minoru Morita
Event Manager: Mamiko Koshiba
Session Manage: Takeshi Kuremotoa
Web Manage: Fei Jiang
Supported organization
Co-Organized by YamaguchiUniversity, Japan
Inje University, Korea
Sponsored by Chungbuk National University, Korea
Cheonbuk National University, korea
Dalian University of Technology, China
Jiangsu University, China
Kunsan National University, Korea
iBMW, Co. Ltd., Japan
Endorsed by Consortium for Innovative Research and Education of Asia (iRE-Asia Consortium)

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