CEDC2020 : Offline in China, Online in Japan and Korea,

Welcome to CEDC2020

To encourage engineering students create design solutions to real-world problems, Creative Engineering Design Competition (CEDC2020) as a special event of International Conference on Innovative Application Research and Education (ICIARE2020) will be held offline in Shenyang, China, and online in Japan and Korea. Students with brilliant engineering design ideas are encouraged to submit their proposals and demonstrate their talents in front of world-renowned experts in design and manufacturing. Submitted works and reports are judged on the basis of creativity, practicality, integrity of analysis and design methodology, quality of a fabricated prototype, oral presentation and poster. All participants of CEDC2020 will be recognized by the conference chair and winners will be presented with awards including certificates. CEDC2020 will also host a round table of international social exchange that can be a seed for possible future international collaborations between attendants.

Please make the entry to CEDC2020 today at iRE-Asia Event Management System.

Eligibility and Scope

Any graduate or undergraduate registered as a full-time student is eligible to participate. Both individual and group projects are welcome. An individual may participate in several entries provided each submission is on a different subject.


The judge committee includes experts in iRE-Asia Consortium from both academia and industry. The project posters will be evaluated based on the contents, demonstration and five minutes oral presentation at the CEDC2020 session. Prototype demonstration of the proposed design idea is requested as on-site demonstrations for offline participants and online live show or video playback for online participants. Every group should record around 5 minutes video previously to ensure the smooth running of the competition session.


Award certificates and other prizes will be presented in closing ceremony of the conference. The prizes will be distributed among the members in each winner team. All participants of CEDC2020 will receive recognition from the conference and organizing committee.

Important Dates

November 8, 2020: Title Submission
November 30=>December 7, 2020: Poster and Abstract Submission
December 10, 2020 : Deadline of Online Participants Registration
December 18, 2020: On-site Registration
December 19-20, 2020: CEDC Competition


Abstract : All works should be prepared with two-page abstract in English, which should be submitted to CEDC Submission Website.

– The abstract format can be downloaded from (in preparing)
– Two-page abstract will be published together with the proceedings of ICIARE2020.

Poster : One-page poster should be submitted to One-page poster should be submitted to CEDC Submission Website.

– The poster format can be downloaded from (in preparing)
– All the works should be given a short oral presentation and demonstration to reviewers.


One team member per poster must be accompanied by one mandatory registration and the registration fee must be paid until registration due. Without a dedicated registration, the poster cannot be included in the competition.

Offline participants’ registration fee (include accommodations and meals) :

Professors : 1,800 CNY
Students : 1,200 CNY

Online participants’ registration fee : 10.000 JPY or 100,000 WON

※Scholarships (or subsidies) may be provided depending on the circumstances of each university.
※The student member of iRE-asia consortium is free.
(student membership fee of iRE-asia consortium is 2,000JPY/20,000WON per year.)


Offline participants will be arranged to Wada Garden Hotel with double room for students and single room for professor.


China : Prof. Zhengxin Yang, zhengxin1021@sina.com; +0086 024 89383276
Japan : Prof. Minoru Morita, mmorita@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp
Korea : Prof. Mi Hye Kim, mhkim@cbnu.ac.kr

Committee and Supported Organization

Advisory Committee
Yuqing Song, Jiangsu University, China
Qingkai Han, Dalian University of Technology, China
Zhongwei Jiang, Yamaguchi University, Japan
Taejin Chung, Kunsan National University, Korea
Hiesik Kim, Universityof Seoul, Korea
Steering committee
Zhihao Jin, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China
Huixia Liu, Jiangsu University, China
Minoru Morita, Yamaguchi University, Japan
Mi Hye Kim, Chungbuk National University, Korea
Xin Liu, Dalian University of Technology, China
Execution committee
Lian Zhou, Jiangsu University, China
Yi Zhu, Jiangsu University, China
Junzhe Lin, Northeastern University, China
Tiejun Ge, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China
Wei Zhang, Dalian University of Technology, China
ZhengxinYang, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China
Qingbin Han, Anshan Normal University, China
Yue Shen, Jiangsu University, China
Shingo Yamaguchi University, Japan
Fumitake Fujii, Yamaguchi University, Japan
Takashi Kuremoto, Yamaguchi University, Japan
Tetsuya Morisaki, NIT, Ube College,Japan
Shota Nakasima, Yamaguchi University, Japan
Mamiko koshiba, Yamaguchi University, Japan
Shenglin Mu, Ehime University, Japan
Jaejeong Hwang, Kusan National University, Korea
Youngchul Kim, Kunsan National University, Korea
Jiyeoun Lee, Jungwon University, Korea
Yong-young Kim, Kunsan National University, Korea
Beomkeun Kim, Inje University, Korea
Sehoon Jeong, Inje University, Korea

Organized by
Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China
Yamaguchi University, Japan
Chungbuk National University, Korea
Consortium for Innovative Research and Education of Asia (iRE-Asia)
Sponsored by
Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China
Northeastern University, China Jiangsu University, China
Dalian University of Technology, China
NIT, Ube College, Japan
Kunsan National University, Korea
Inje University, Korea
Jungwon University, Korea
Konkuk University, Korea

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